Cyber Encouragement

These are some of my FAVORITE online sources of encouragement.  Seriously, some are so awesome I have a selfish part of me that would like to keep them for myself, but that will not do! :)


DivaSlimsDown  (Ruth)  -- Look her up.  She has a channel of all her video's, you can watch from the beginning to the now - she has hit her weight loss goals, and she is AMAZING.  She's a pure joy to watch and connect with.

PlusSizeKimonica - Another inspiration.  She's vlogged regarding the WLJ she is on for the last few years.  She's amazing and real.

DaraDubinet (Dara):  She's a raw food chef, and teaches the ways of a raw vegan life.  I'm not vegan, but sure learn a lot from her and appreciate her videos more than I can say.

Brenda Lee Turner:  Health guru with great tips & advice:

Weight Loss Blogs I love to keep up on:

300 Pounds Down:

Success Along The Weigh:

The Year of the Phoenix:

111 Pounds:

A New Beginning:

Authentically Emmie:

All the Weigh:

Double Chin Diary:

Reduced Fat Girl:

One Man's Trip to the Half:

PastaQueen (This is all old posts, but I love them.  Jen has a new website now):
 Pasta Queen    New site:

A Small Loss:

Can you Stay for Dinner?:

Fat Loss Frolic:

Websites for Healthy Eating Recipies:

3 Fat Chicks:

The Dashing Dish:

Skinny Taste:


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